Virtual EMDR Therapy

Informed Consent & Therapy Contract for Virtual Psychotherapy

In view of the restrictions placed on person-to-person contact, I am shifting my psychotherapy practice to VIRTUAL THERAPY with immediate effect.

  1. All the appointments that you have made are still in place unless you choose to cancel or reschedule the same.
  2. All copayments/fees for the sessions will remain the same.
  3. To make payments, please go to my website, and to “Virtual EMDR Therapy” page. You will see the Tab “Make Payment”.  It is a secure payment system from “Payment Depot”, whose is my credit card service provider.
  4. Instead of us meeting in person in my office, we will meet virtually through ZOOM video conferencing.
  5. These are the steps we need to put in place to make this happen.
    • You will need a computer with high quality web cam and a good speaker/microphone linked together
    • You will need high-speed internet connection to access the ZOOM video conferencing
    • You will need to secure a place at your home/workplace which is free from interference and is private so that confidentiality of our session is maintained
    • I will conduct the virtual ZOOM video conferences from my home office which is secure and confidential
  6. How to perform eye movements/tactile stimulation in virtual therapy settings?
    • You have to position your computer in such a way that you are facing a wall/window within a few feet from your seating position.
    • Then prepare large shaded circles on two separate (8”x11”) pages with marker pen in different colors of your choice.
    • Then stick the two large shaded circles on the wall far apart at eye level - wide enough to simulate a full sweep of eye movements
    • Now sit back in front of your computer/webcam and shift your gaze from one spot to another spot on the wall- back and forth.
    • This will simulate the bilateral eye movements as we would do in my office with the device
    • For tactile stimulation, you will just tap your knees alternately with your fingers
    • We will use either the eye movements or the tapping the knees, one at a time during our therapy sessions.
  7. As a part of our therapy contract, you are advised not to use either the eye movements or tactile stimulation to process any disturbing memories on your own except under my guidance in our therapy sessions
  8. We will continue to use all the techniques we have practiced such as Container and Safe Place at the end of every session, and during the session as needed.

After the CDC, State and Federal Authorities have lifted any restrictions on face-to-face contact, we will resume face-to-face therapy at my office ONLY IF YOU ARE FEELING HEALTHY AND DEVOID OF ANY FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS and feel safe enough to resume face-to-face contact.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns at 719-761-4444 or email me at  Let us move forward with Virtual EMDR Therapy and blaze new trails in teletherapy!

You can join the ZOOM video conference by clicking on the link below:  Meeting ID: 678 403 7525