My Clinical Practice

My initial training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) led me to explore the neurobiology of traumatic stress and altered my perspectives as a psychotherapist.

In working with emotionally fragile clients, I was led to explore body-oriented therapeutic approaches and seek advanced training in ‘Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR)’ or what is well known as ‘Somatic Experiencing (SE)’.

Most often, persons suffering from chronic psychological conditions also report a history of trauma, abuse, or childhood neglect. EMDR and SE has helped me understand the complexity of traumatic stress and how traumatic events can disrupt the wisdom of the mind-body, leading to confounding presentations of psychopathology.

Before I had my first training in EMDR, I was most often an empathic but helpless witness to the enormous pain and suffering I saw in my clients. After several years of training in EMDR, SE and Energy Psychotherapies, I find myself capable of far greater compassion founded on hope and competency.

My clinical interests include treating the following conditions:

Anxiety Disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Adult survivors of childhood Trauma/Abuse
Motor Vehicle Accident related Traumatic Stress
Trauma related to chronic medical conditions/surgeries
Psychosomatic conditions unresponsive to medical treatment

I also offer consultation/therapy for performance enhancement to athletes and executives.